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Digital Assests Platform

Focused on addressing the access to funding challenges which SMEs are facing, CXDA is building a Digital Assets platform, starting with short term debt products, where investors, originators and borrowers can transact in a compliant and transparent marketplace.

  • Standardized rules and documentation, well defined membership and on-boarding rules.

  • Risk mitigation in lending, collateralized assets (e.g. Trade and Inventory Finance), as well as credit guarantees.

  • Well defined, transparent and structured rules enabling investors to participate in funding specific businesses, of their choosing.

  • Establishment of successful execution track records, and transparent market and company data, opening the SME sector to the investment world.

Digital Assets Finance

CXDA Solution
Key Attributes

The Servicing problem, which is essentially collecting the money, disbursing to holders and oversight of collateral is a core process that hinders the loans from being sold to investors. CXDA is creating the hosted platform for servicing and then binding the access, payment flows and information to the blockchain supporting the tokenized loans.


Information, origination documentation, underwriting documentation, lending terms and conditions, collateral management, servicing, default management, collateral interest perfection methods (by issuer domicile), transaction history, information licensing and control.

Hosted Origination Platform

An easy to access loan origination platform designed to capture information in the form and structure needed to facilitate underwriting. Using AI and advanced tools in partnership with Microsoft, the platform guarantees a streamlined and efficient origination process.

Hosted Load Underwriting

Using standardized underwriting documentation and credit analysis methods, CXDA is creating an extensible loan underwriting platform.


Tokenized Loan issuance, benefiting from all the attributes of Digital Assets instruments, enabling low cost, friction free processing, and fractionalization possibilities.

Loan Servicing

Smart contracts for the processing and execution of the debt lifecycle, minimizing cost and risk and streamlining the processes.


Building all the required components for a liquid and transparent market, and a complete ecosystem of issuers, investors and third part service providers.

CXDA Solution





Definition standardization, architecture, permissions, history, 3rd party content integration


Managing ownership of issuer information, payments, transaction information.


The purchase of STOs represents the notes, distribution of payments, and secondary exchange.


Analytics for at every level for quality control, risk, underwriting, value and price.


CXDA solution helps accelerate the transactions execution, by eliminating friction, reducing risk as well as cost.

Digital Assets Growth

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